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Spanish : Classroom Courses

Ages 0-4

Mate+ Matemáticas manipulativas 3 años - Cuaderno 1 9788468063911 £31.75  

Ages 5-7

Cuaderno lengua castellana 4 Primer trimestre 9788468029573 £11.95  
Lengua castellana 4 Primaria Saber Hacer 9788468029566 £40.95  

Ages 8-10

Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for Primary Spanish (KS2)

Following the highly successful Schemes of Work for French, we present the Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for Primary Spanish, written by Steve Haworth and now available for all KS2 years 3, 4, 5 a...


Year 3 Book Resource Pack - 8 titles YEAR 3 RESOURCE PACK CATHERINE CHEATER SPANISH Various authors £98.50  
Year 4 Book Resource Pack - 3 titles YEAR 3 RESOURCE PACK CATHERINE CHEATER SPANISH Various authors £48.50  

Ages 11-14

Espacio Joven 360

Espacio Joven 360 is a multimedia-centred Spanish-language course for 15-16 year olds that has been skillfully adapted to suit the way in which pupils interact on a daily basis, thus facilitating a br...


Libro de ejercicios 4 (B1.1) 9788498489460 £9.95  


An exciting new Spanish course for French-speaking students aged 11-15. The student's book of 'Reporteros' presents pupils with dynamic, manageable units which are centred around specific towns in the...


Espagnol 4e - Livre de l'élève (A1-A2) 9782356853783 £22.95  
Espagnol 4e - Cahier d'activités 9782356853790 £9.10  



Covering 4 CEFR levels in total (A1, A2, B1 and B2), Frecuencias aims to identify and respond to the specific needs of students and teachers alike, thus ensuring real and efficient learning of Spanish...


Libro del estudiante + eBook + Extensión digital - Parte 1 (B1.1) 9788491796657 £16.95  
Libro del estudiante + eBook + Extensión digital - Parte 2 (B1.2) 9788491796664 £16.95  

Mundo Real - International Edition

'Mundo Real' uses lively and compelling content, images, and videos to teach the language that learners of Spanish need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Presenting real-life themes and aut...


Student's Book 1 (A1) + Acceso a la ELEteca 4.0 9788498489187 £38.95  
Workbook 1 (A1) 9788498489194 £10.95  

Nos vemos hoy

Nos vemos hoy is the updated (2021) version of the popular Spanish as a Foreign Language course ¡Nos vemos!

Created for adults, these manuals will enable learners to discover more about th...


EDICIÓN PREMIUM para estudiantes 1 (A1) 9788418625176 £29.95  
Edición para estudiantes 1 (A1) This updated course for adults features integrated digital itineraries, flexible teaching sequences, fun videos, and much more. 9788418625169 £22.95  
Edición para estudiantes 2 (A2) 9788418625213 £22.95  

Ages 11-18

Reporteros Internacionales

An interactive task-based Spanish-language course for pupils aged 11-16 that will help to raise learners' awareness of the various cultures and ways of life that exist within the Hispanic world.



Libro del alumno + MP3 CD 2 (A1-A2) 9788416943807 £17.75  
Libro del alumno + MP3 CD 1 (A1) 9788416943760 £17.75  
Cuaderno de ejercicios 2 (A1-A2) 9788416943814 £9.75  
Cuaderno de ejercicios 1 (A1) 9788416943777 £9.75  
Libro del profesor 1 (A1) 9788416943784 £16.95  
Libro del alumno + MP3 CD 3 (A2+) 9788416943845 £17.75  
Cuaderno de ejercicios 3 (A2+) 9788416943852 £9.75  

Spanish : Teacher Resources

Ages 11-14

Fichas y pasatiempos de español A1 Libro+fichas+hojas de instrucciones 9788498480450 £46.50  
Fichas y pasatiempos de español A2 Libro+fichas+hojas de instrucciones 9788498480467 £46.50  

Spanish : Writing

Ages 5-7

2 Ortografía - 6-7 años para saber más (1o y 2o de Primaria) 9788417427146 £6.00  


Expresión escrita 9788480161893 £9.95  

Spanish : Evaluation, Tests

Prepara y practica el DELE A1 + DELE A1 Escolar + CD 9788499215549 £24.95  
Prepara y practica el DELE B1 + CD 9788499213996 £23.75  

Ages 11-18

Prepara y practica el DELE A2/B1 escolar 9788499217307 £24.95  

Spanish : Vocabulary

Ages 8-10

Spanish for everyone junior 5 words a day The colourful, clear and comprehensive 5 Words a Day series from DK lays the foundations for your child's journey in learning a foreign language, at school or home. Various authors 9780241473740 £14.99  

Spanish : Mixed Skills

Ages 5-7

4 Lengua evolución (1o de Primaria) 9788485109913 £3.10  


Anatomía de la lengua 9788499742137 £14.95  

Spanish : Revision Guides

Ages 8-10

2 Competencia matemática (2o de Primaria) 9788416744114 £4.85  
3 Competencia matemática (3O de Primaria) 9788416744121 £4.85  

Spanish : Idioms


Collins easy learning Spanish idioms Various 9780007337361 £9.99  

Spanish : Grammar

Gramática 9788483328385 £9.95  

Real Academia Española - Nueva gramática de la lengua española

The Royal Spanish Academy finally presents the Nueva gramática de la lengua española, a reference grammar in two luxurious hardback volumes presented in a box for safekeeping.

Following 1...


Ortografía de la lengua española 9788467034264 £24.75  

Spanish : General Overview

Cultura en el mundo hispanohablante

A culture and civilisation course aimed at near beginner/intermediate-level students of Spanish.

Covering CEFR levels A2-B1, this book is suitable for adolescents and adults who are keen to find ou...


Libro A2/B1 - Nueva edición (2018) Delve into the cultural richness of the Spanish-speaking world while improving your proficiency in Spanish. 9788415299332 £23.95  

Spanish : Nature & Environment

Ages 5-7

Los bichos al dedillo Various author 9788491010463 £16.95  


Atlas de distribución de las mariposas Various authors 9788415030775 £25.75  
Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World Various authors 9788496553941 £218.00  

Spanish : Daily Life

Ages 0-4

Los reyes magos Various authors 9788421864050 £4.25  

Spanish : Politics, Economics, Institutions


La Felguera Editores

LA FELGUERA EDITORES is an almost unique publisher. Their own nature is diametrically opposite to most publishing houses. Their catalogue explores the best cultural experiences and phenomena from the ...


W.I.T.C.H. Comunicados y hechizos Various authors 9788493746797 £14.95  
Constitución española Various authors 9788430969432 £8.75  
El gran retroceso Various authors 9788432232374 £19.95  
Estatuto de los trabajadores Various authors 9788430971855 £11.95  
Fundamentos de dirección y administración de empresa Various authors 9788436833997 £28.95  
Principios de administración de operaciones Various authors 9786073223362 £54.00  
Finanzas corporativas Various authors 9786071507419 £65.00  

Spanish : Science & Technology

Instalaciones eléctricas en diseño de edificios 9788494474347 £23.95  
Seguridad en caso de incendios para diseñadores 9788494430039 £23.95  

Spanish : Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Ages 15-16

101 ideas infalibles para ser feliz Various author 9788490432723 £13.95  


El Corán Various authors 9788408096269 £14.95  
Geografía física. Orientaciones para la realización de ejercici Various authors 9788436259087 £26.75  
Geografía humana. Orientaciones para la realización de ejercicios Various authors 9788436261486 £19.95  
Ikigai Various authors 9788479539221 £11.95  
La Biblia (Biblia popular) Various 9788425423857 £16.95  
Nuevo Testamento Various authors 9788499452548 £4.75  

Spanish : History

Breve historia del mundo antiguo Various authors 9788499610504 £47.50  
El constitucionalismo frustrado Various authors 9788490850008 £30.95  
Historia del arte 1: el mundo antiguo Various authors 9788420694818 £56.00  
Orfeo y la tradición órfica Various authors 9788446018964 £107.00  
Prehistoria II. Las sociedades metalúrgicas Various authors 9788499611983 £49.95  

Spanish : Art

Aprende a coser y a tricotar Various authors 9788428545259 £17.50  
Chic Refurbishment Various authors 9788416500093 £23.95  
Cinco llaves del mundo secreto de Remedios Varo Various authors 9788494377068 £54.00  
El Croquis 179/180 Sanaa 2011 - 2015 Various authors 9788488386854 £87.00  
Goya (enciclopedia del arte) Various authors 9788499280219 £10.95  
Greco Pintor Various authors 9788484803294 £94.00  

Spanish : Non-Fiction

CT o la cultura de la transición Various 9788499896946 £6.95  

Spanish : Food & Cuisine

Cocina fácil para todos Una rica y variada selección de recetas, explicadas paso a paso e ilustradas. Various 9788444121369 £14.75  
Cocina vegana Various authors 9788499283517 £10.95  
Cocina vegana: fácil y deliciosa Various authors 9783625004608 £11.95  
The Little Spanish Cookbook Various author 9781743360668 £9.99  

Spanish : Tourism And Travel Literature

Ages 8-10

Planeta extremo Various authors 9788408119852 £19.95  


Inglés para el viajero 9788408139027 £8.10  
Lo mejor de Londres. Lonely Planet Various 9788408097877 £24.95  
Michelin Red Guide España & Portugal 2016 Various authors 9782067206359 £18.99  

Spanish : Classics/Modern Classics

Ages 0-15

Cuentos de Navidad Autores de lenguas y generos distintos que se inspiraron en la Navidad para crear maravillosos relatos, cada uno desde su propia mirada y con su particular voz. Various authors 9788418008153 £22.75  

Spanish : Biography, Memoirs


Voces desde la cárcel Various authors 9781604880571 £4.50  

Spanish : Graded Readers

Ages 11-14

William and Kate+CD (Global Richmond readers 4) 9788466816052 £10.75  


Grandes Personajes de la Historia - Biografías noveladas

Through this new series of graded biographies, discover the exciting life and the most relevant facts of some of the greatest characters in Hispanic history.

In each reader, you will find:
A ch...


El trágico destino de un poeta - Federico García Lorca 9788477116394 £7.95  
20 curiosidades: historias de los hispanohablantes y de su lengua Un libro de cultura muy especial porque detràs de cada lectura descubres algo fabuloso y genial. 9788494513299 £19.95  

Spanish : Annotated Texts

Contemporary Latin-American Literature Various 9780658015069 £14.40  

Spanish : Simplified Literature

Ages 11-14

El Lazarillo de Tormes Various authors 9788426352569 £11.50  

Spanish : History


Spanish Civil War and Postwar

In these series we gather books that deal with the Spanish Civil War and Postwar periods. You may find essays, non-fiction and history books, as well as fiction, drama or biographies that take place o...


La guerra civil española 80 años después Various authors 9788430976096 £29.50  

Spanish : Bilingual Dictionaries

Ages 8-10

Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for Primary Spanish (KS2)

Following the highly successful Schemes of Work for French, we present the Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for Primary Spanish, written by Steve Haworth and now available for all KS2 years 3, 4, 5 a...


Collins Primary Illustrated Spanish Dictionary An easy-to-use, vibrant and colourful Collins Primary Spanish Dictionary makes learning fun. Various authors 9780008312695 £9.99  

Ages 11-14

Diccionario bilingüe School: English-Spanish/Español-Inglés 9788499742267 £15.95  

Spanish : Monolingual Dictionaries

Ages 5-7

Diccionarios escolares de español

This series of dictionaries offers a wealth of lexical and grammatical information to students of a wide ability range with roughly 40,000 entries in the "Diccionario básico" to more than 150,000...


Diccionario Básico de la Lengua Española - Primaria (RAE) 9788467573763 £19.95  


Diccionario Mini de la Lengua Española 9788499741666 £9.95  

Spanish : Encyclopedias

Enciclopedia cervantina Various authors 9788497401777 £44.50  

Spanish : Food & Cuisine

Cocina sin bla bla bla. Recetas de picoteo Various authors 9788418882692 £13.50  
Cocina sin bla bla bla. Recetas económicas Various authors 9788418882708 £13.50  
Ensaladas vegetarianas Recetas hechas a base de hortalizas, frutas, cereales, legumbres, deliciosos bocados Various author 9789463592390 £11.75  
Escuela de arroz Various authors 9788416984282 £18.95  

Spanish : Tourism And Travel Literature

Lonely Planet Colombia 9788408147961 £22.95  

Spanish : CDs/audiobooks

Relatos de amor y desamor - Libro + CD - colección BISAGRA 9788493991135 £17.95  

Spanish : DVD/Video

7 Days in Havana Various 5060238030915 £11.66 +VAT
The Spanish Civil War documentary in English Variou 5060061810098 £6.90 +VAT

15 Suitable for ages 15+

The Viva Cuba Collection Various authors 5027626331146 £13.25 +VAT

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